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The purpose and the object:
«Turn over an objet rather than changing his subject, as when turning a piece of clothing to inspect the seams.»
In each project, Lelumineur tends to reconsider the primary meaning of the object and what it is made in its existing form. 'Dichotomy of technical approaches for decorative lyricism'; here is the mandate of 'shine the line studio' and that, in the context of handicrafts, of manual work, short and unique series.

Lelumineur's work navigates between art and design. He works with mixed materials and their reappropriation in order to recontextualize the objects, manufactured into short or industrial series. 

Established in 2013, Lelumineur has worked on various custom lighting projects such as the transmission of light through the body (dance, circus, theater) and materials (interior design, wall, office).

Creation and adaptation of

decorative objects illuminated with LED